There are tons of people who are communicating with their friends and family through the web. With that, cyber-attacks and online threats still evolve and will impact your privacy online. Hackers and malicious actors also are wanting to gain unauthorized access to your personal information to commit dangerous crimes. Norton NU16 can provide antivirus software and supreme protection to shield your devices from viruses, malware, and cyber-criminals.

Whether it's simply surfing the online or making online transactions, we mostly believe modern web browsers. When browsing using public Wi-Fi connection, your web searches, transactions, and other personal information could be visible to 3rd parties. These might include your internet service providers (ISP), websites, government agencies, schools, and other users of your device. could assist you to browse confidently while keeping shielded from unsafe links, malicious downloads, and harmful websites.

What is private browsing?

Most of the browsers store your searches and browsing activity to form it easier for you to revisit any website. They also offer the choice to save lots of your personal information like usernames and passwords to hurry up the login process. This might feel beneficial for the short term; it increases the danger of falling into wrong hands. The private or incognito browsing feature could assist you to beat this issue.

When browsing privately mode, your internet session gets deleted right after you shut the browser. it'll not store the temporary session data including browsing history, cookies, and search records. a number of privacy-oriented browsers also provide tracking protection and help to cover your location. By using the Norton Setup product key, you'll keep your devices virus-free and spot emerging threats much faster.

How to use private browsing?

The method to open or activate private browsing depends on the browser that you simply are using. Several browsers provide this feature and may easily be wont to keep your browsing activity private from other users.

Chrome – Google Chrome’s private browsing feature is named Incognito Mode which may make it easier for you to share a computer with others. Although it doesn't save browsing history, cookies, site data, or form and search history, it'll keep the downloaded files and saved bookmarks. To browse using incognito mode, you would like to click on Control and Customize option and choose New Incognito Window. Alternatively, you'll also press Control+Shift+N, the shortcut for incognito mode.

Safari – The privacy browsing mode in Safari removes temporary files once you close the browser window. to start out using private browsing on a Mac with Safari, you ought to click the file menu and choose Private Window. almost like Chrome, you'll use Shift+Command+N to open private browsing mode in Safari.

Firefox – Mozilla Firefox has additional features in privacy browsing mode compared to other browsers. It also provides tracking protection which may prevent third-parties and hidden trackers from collecting your data. To access private mode in Firefox, you would like to travel to the menu within the upper right corner and click on New Private Window. almost like other browsers, it also features a keyboard shortcut which is Control+Shift+P.

You can get advanced antivirus protection from and safeguard your private and financial information when you go online.




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